About Us

Plastic has changed the world around us. Over the years, we believe that plastics will not diminish, rather reemerge in new and novel ways. GAP-Pack has continuously changed its strategy to stay at the forefront of the petrochemical industry. Our business environment is becoming increasingly challenging, therefore we must work harder, smarter, to overcome obstacles that the industry faces. 

At GAP-Pack, we understand our responsibilities and are prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the future through breakthrough concepts and innovative products. Our research team is making steady progress in creating more sustainable plastics for future generations. 

We have diversified our portfolio from consumer plastics to construction and high-performance petrosolutions. Being vetted and praised all over the globe, GAP-Pack has won the confidence of consumers and has become a favorite among distributors in the GCC and Europe. 

It gives me immense pleasure to say that today we are among the leaders in the plastic converting industry. It is my goal to uphold this title by committing to be consistently innovative in our products and services. As we strive to make GAP-Pack better and more valuable, I want to thank you for your interest in GAP-Pack and I invite you to discover more about what we can offer through our website.


GAP-Pack integrates environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability into our core business strategy. GAP-Pack continues to develop products and strategies to become more sustainable for the future. 

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Any manufacturing defects, detected by our fully autonomous monitoring system, are directed towards our in-house scrap recycling facilities. 

Responsible Sourcing

GAP-Pack sources all of the raw materials from reputable companies who share our ambition for environmental responsibility.


Energy efficiency

Monitoring our carbon footprint allows us to continuously strategize new methods to reduce our impact on the environment. GAP-Pack uses the most efficient machinery and performs continuous servicing to maintain optimum performance.

Our Efforts